The benefits of using bank cards

It’s 2022, but many people are still afraid to use payment cards. Why? Let’s break down all the advantages and disadvantages of using them.
Here’s a list of the main pros in favor of cards:

“Cleanliness is the key to health” – as studies have shown, contamination by bacterial and fungal microflora was 100% of formerly used bills;

No money is lost if the card is lost. If you lose your wallet with cash, you won’t see it again, but what happens if you lose your card? That’s right, they will remain in place, it’s only worth calling the bank and blocking the card, since the money is stored in the account, not on the plastic;

No one else can use your card;

There is no risk of encountering a counterfeit;

If an error occurs during payment, you can always cancel the operation. There are cases where the cashier accidentally typed the wrong amount, and you confirmed it then you can dispute and return the amount, you only need to contact the bank;

You can find out about money operations from the SMS. For example, you have lost money from the hiding place and you will learn about it only when you next look there;

Mobile application. You can make purchases and pay bills from the comfort of your home. Just imagine you will not have to stand in a queue to pay the utility bill, you can do it in five minutes with only the application;

The card has multiple layers of protection. If swindlers have cracked one layer of protection, they will most likely not be able to crack the next one. All cards have tokenization, a security technology that makes it useless to intercept any card information;

Many payroll cards can also pay small dividends. With the money left on the card (which would have just been lying around in cash), you get extra profit at the end of the period.

Payroll will soon replace cash in all spheres (as is already happening in some countries). To use or not to use the benefits of civilization depends only on you.

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